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AIM HIGH: Associate Profile on P1 Service Ammonia Refrigeration Technician Jamar Jackson and Daughter Aubrey Jackson


Now a rising sophomore at the United States Air Force Academy, Aubrey Jackson - daughter of P1 Service Ammonia Refrigeration Technician Jamar Jackson - says she started thinking about the military in high school.

“My high school JROTC program initiated my interest in the military,” Aubrey said. "Leavenworth (KS) High School's JROTC program was truly one of the best, as seen from their long legacy of national championships and excellent opportunities -  from community service to free travel.”

Even though the only person in her family to serve was her maternal grandfather, Aubrey says she started talking to current military professionals, and many suggested she apply for Air Force ROTC.

“I decided that, for me, the quality of life offered by the Air Force was the best match,” Aubrey said.

cartoon image of military planes flying in formation with red white and blue trails“In the end, my dad was the primary influence in helping me follow through.”

Aubrey began the application process in her junior year of high school for ROTC, AFROTC, and the Academy itself – which is no small feat.

To even be considered for the Academy, you have to bring a top-notch game.

“The service academies' application process is different. You need Congressional nominations, so it's best to start early,” Aubrey explained.

She says the Academy is looking for well-rounded leaders, scholars, and athletes.

“The advice I once received was that you need to be excellent in one area and sound in others,” she said.

"Having high grades - 3.7+ - in challenging classes like AP, honors, and dual enrollment, along with leadership roles in extracurricular activities, community involvement, and scoring in the upper percentile for physical fitness, definitely helped me later on with Basic Training and my freshman year." she said.

In March of her senior year, Aubrey got the news: She was going to attend the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.

Quote and photo of Aubrey Jackson, daughter of Jamar Jackson

With a year now under her belt, Aubrey says the life skills she is learning are priceless.

“I am enjoying my time at the Academy – it’s difficult, and sometimes a struggle, but one that ultimately improves you when you come out on the other side,” she said.

Among her adventures are jumping out of planes and combat survival training, which means you’re left in the desert with a team and a few supplies and, well, you figure it out!

Aubrey says the exercises not only build teamwork skills, but also resiliency and a deeper gratitude for all the things we have.

“I’m learning how to push through hard things, see the good in all, and appreciate the every day comforts we take for granted,” she said.

On top of the financial benefits, Aubrey notes there are plenty of travel opportunities and many activities and clubs available, from poetry slam, band, and skiing, to skydiving, rodeo, and a licensed American Medical Technologist (AMT) team.

“I've met some truly unique people here and made friends that will last a lifetime, and through the hard times, they have motivated me to keep pushing,” Aubrey said. “I've seen that the military is just a large and diverse team.”

Aubrey hopes to attend medical school through the Air Force Health Professions

Scholarship Program (HPSP) and serve for 20 years.

“If not selected for the scholarship, I plan to attend pilot training or do Intelligence to reapply for medical school as a civilian after serving my five years - the required amount after attending the academy," she said.

P1 wishes Aubrey all the luck – and congratulations on such an impressive accomplishment!


Quote and photo of Jamar Jackson, P1 Service ammonia technician

With 20+ years of experience in ammonia refrigeration, Jamar Jackson worked at Tyson Foods before coming to P1.

“When I heard about P1 expanding its Ammonia team, I applied and became part of the first ammonia ‘crew’ at P1,” Jamar said.

For several years now, that crew has been just three: Jamar, Troy Stewart, and Mitch Sturke.

“My family is always the motivation for doing what I do,” Jamar said, “and this industry offers a lot of opportunity, both financially and professionally.”

“We have a lot of work that comes from industrial food plants, like Mars and Coca Cola. Since everyone has to eat, there’s always work.”

Jamar says common sense is the key when working with ammonia.

“Working with ammonia isn’t that scary, you just have to stay aware and rely on your common sense - stay healthy, stay on your game,” he said.

Jamar says P1 Service is seeing a steady growth in ammonia refrigeration business, and will soon look at how to add more help to the team. 

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