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Quick Work: P1 Service Teams Replace Critical Air Handler at St. Luke’s North Hospital


An air handler unit is crucial to a hospital's sterile processing department, as it regulates and monitors temperature and humidity levels. If an air handler unit malfunctions, it can lead to excessive humidity and temperature fluctuations that promote microbial growth, which can undermine sterilization practices. When an air handler unit at...

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Jacob Lee Does It Again


It was just over a month ago when we shared the news that P1 Service Apprentice Jacob Lee won the UA District 4 competition – as the only four-year competing among five-year apprentices. Well, he did it again! Jacob earned first place in the U.S. among HVACR (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning...

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P1 Service Apprentice Jacob Lee Takes First Place in UA District 4 Competition


P1 Service Manager Adam Collier recently attended the UA District 4 Competition to support four-year apprentice Jacob Lee. Jacob took home first place in the competition - as the only four-year apprentice competing among five-year apprentices and newly turned out journeymen. Adam says Jacob demonstrated impeccable poise and focus at the...

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P1 Service HVAC Equipment Replacement Project Brings Comfort and Efficiency to Excelsior Springs High School

Crane lifting HVAC equipment into building's upper floor P1 Service HVAC Equipment Replacement at Excelsior Springs High School

Temperature control is imperative for performers and audiences alike, so when the Excelsior Springs High School (ESHS) Performing Arts Center started noticing humidity and temperature issues about three years ago, Schneider Electric called P1 in to help with a large HVAC replacement initiative. P1 Service Project Manager Andrew Noone explains that...

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Making the Rounds and Building Experience - Associate Profile on Adam Collier


Adam Collier has been with P1 Group for 15 years. During this time, he has “made the rounds”, working in several different P1 locations, which has allowed him to gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience.  He is currently a service manager in the Lenexa Office, specializing in start-up and...

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Mighty Trio: P1 Service Ammonia Team Takes Care of Business...and Customers


While field technicians, electricians, and plumbers are feeling the heat of additional summer service calls, the P1 Ammonia Division is also in the thick of the current rush. This small but mighty division consists of just three technicians: Jamar Jackson, Troy Stewart and Mitch Sturke, and they do a great job...

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Creating Healthier Buildings: United Association Offices UV-C Systems Installation


It started as a conversation between P1 Group CEO Smitty Belcher and Patrick Kellett, General Secretary-Treasurer for the United Association, and materialized into P1 Group providing a healthy buildings strategy for the HVAC units located at the UA Headquarters in Annapolis, MD. The UA Headquarters building is 110,000 sq. feet, containing...

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PROJECT HEALTHY BUILDINGS: Bi-Polar Ionization Adds Another Level to Cleaning Indoor Air


There’s nothing better than that extra-fresh smell in the air near waterfalls, beaches, and immediately following a thunderstorm. But what you’re actually experiencing are the effects of an ion-rich environment naturally having cleaned the air, giving it that inexplicable “fresh” smell. As part of the Healthy Buildings initiative, P1 Service continues...

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P1 Service's Quick Response Helps Customer in Wake of Disaster


On an October morning in 2019, P1 Service received an urgent call from the owners of the I-44 Cold Storage in Springfield Mo. I-44 cold storage is a storage facility for restaurant supply and custom cold storage that houses a 10,000 sq. foot freezer, 10,000 sq. foot cooler space, and 30,000...

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Looks Matter: P1 Technicians Go the Extra Mile to Serve Customers

Boiler 1 Hero

BOILER PICTURES - BEFORE & AFTER One of the first questions a good brand consultant will ask is “How are you differentiating yourself – why do people want to buy from you?” Here’s one example. P1 Service has a reputation for going above and beyond, and our field experts find creative...

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Project Profile: National Weather Service HVAC Replacement

National Weather Service HVAC Replacement

Teamwork and Pre-planning instrumental in meeting tight deadlines The National Weather Service, Central Region Headquarters, is the NWS Training Center and also houses several National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) offices. Training is one of the main functions of this facility, but they also provide weather forecasting, severe weather alerts, and...

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Project Profile: Cleveland University HVAC Improvement Project

Cleveland University P1 Group

When teamwork happens the way it is supposed to, it can produce incredible things. This was demonstrated by the large team that pulled together for the multi-phase HVAC improvement project at Cleveland University. Not only did the customer get a top-notch product, the project illustrates the benefits of working with a single-source...

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The Real Story on R22: P1 Service Expert Explains Your Options

r22 p1 group preventive maintenance

If you have any involvement with your facility’s HVAC, chances are you’ve been hearing about the R22 phaseout. But be warned: simply Google searching your options could lead you down a path of misinformation. P1 Service Service Manager Brian H. is here to set the record straight. Q: What is the...

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P1 Service Assisting Customers With R-22 Phase-out

R22 Phase Out

LENEXA, Kan. – P1 Service is responding to new OSHA regulations by providing customers with updated information on how to proactively convert and replace HVAC systems. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a phase-out of the production and importation of ozone-depleting substances under the Clean Air Act. The act calls for...

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St. Joseph Christian School Praises P1 Service

St. Joseph Christian School St. Joseph Christian School

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. – A P1 Service customer recently rewarded our St. Joseph staff with some kind words. Charlotte McElroy, Operations Administrator at St. Joseph Christian School, sent a note to Heather St. Clair, P1 Service Proactive Solutions Consultant II. “From the beginning I was impressed with the time you took...

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