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P1 Service Apprentice Jacob Lee Takes First Place in UA District 4 Competition


P1 Service Manager Adam Collier recently attended the UA District 4 Competition to support four-year apprentice Jacob Lee.

Jacob took home first place in the competition - as the only four-year apprentice competing among five-year apprentices and newly turned out journeymen.

Adam says Jacob demonstrated impeccable poise and focus at the event, excelling at all the challenges.

“I was constantly greeted with comments about how calm and courteous Jacob was during the entire event. He absolutely represented Local 533 at the UA District 4 Competition and P1 Service with excellence,” Adam said.

Adam says when he arrived, Jacob had just completed four hours of written testing.

Jacob then went straight to the Training Lab to begin a four-hour timed project for an electrical system design and operation.

“The way the electrical project worked is each apprentice was given a box of parts and a written sequence of operation,” Adam explained.

“The apprentice then had to draw a ladder diagram, build the control system, and wire it. Once that was done power was applied to see if the project was functional.”

Day 1 included: four hours of written testing, and a four-hour timed project for an electrical system design and operation with a simultaneous refrigeration brazing and soldering project

Adam says the Business Agents and Training Coordinators noted Jacob was only one of two apprentices to complete the electrical system project, and his was the only wiring project that worked.

“Jacob was also the only apprentice to complete the refrigeration brazing project and receive high marks,” Adam noted.

Day 2 included: seven different service labs, including pump alignment; walk-in cooler; RTU troubleshooting; and boiler lab

The second day had each apprentice perform seven different service labs. Each was scored for accuracy and completeness.

"From my perspective, Jacob performed each lab extremely well, especially the pump alignment, which was very challenging," Adam said.

Adam said the pump alignment lab had an hour allotment of time. Jacob finished within about 30 minutes.

“It seemed like many apprentices struggled with this discipline,” Adam said. “Most did not set up two dials at a time as Jacob did.”

Recognition goes to Jacob as well as our own P1 Service Manager Sean Marconette, who provided training for Dial Indicator Alignment.

Adam noted that Jacob worked through the other labs - such as the walk-in cooler, RTU troubleshooting, and boiler lab - calmly and efficiently.

“I thought he had a great understanding of nearly everything they threw at him,” Adam said.

With the 1st Place Championship in the District under his belt, Jacob moves on to the National Competition.

Congratulations to Jacob, and to everyone at P1 who supports and mentors the next generation of talent!

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