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P1 Service HVAC Equipment Replacement Project Brings Comfort and Efficiency to Excelsior Springs High School

Crane lifting HVAC equipment into building's upper floor P1 Service HVAC Equipment Replacement at Excelsior Springs High School

Temperature control is imperative for performers and audiences alike, so when the Excelsior Springs High School (ESHS) Performing Arts Center started noticing humidity and temperature issues about three years ago, Schneider Electric called P1 in to help with a large HVAC replacement initiative.

P1 Service Project Manager Andrew Noone explains that when the facility started allowing outside air, the rooftop units were no longer the right size to function properly.

quote from Andrew Noone, P1 Service

“In the gymnasium, they had a ground source condenser water loop, which goes to a water source heat pump, which feeds chilled and hot water to an air handler,” Andrew said.

“Adding the outside air changed the size of the equipment considerably. This led to some challenges, but the team got it all figured out and finished, even in a tight time frame,” he added.

Andrew says the development of this project actually started in 2020, when Schneider invited P1 to take a look at ESHS needs. At the time, they just wanted a budget.

“P1 provided a very comprehensive budget,” Andrew said.

That budget was so detailed and well done, when the school was ready to move forward in 2021, they decided not to go out to competitive bid, but instead moved forward with P1.

Even though the project was being sketched out as far back as 2020, typical supply chain equipment delays pushed part of the project out, forcing some of the installation to go from summer installation to fall.

“This is never as ideal because school is in session and the team has to work around student and staff activity,” Andrew said.

“We got a jump start on rough-ins over the summer, but we couldn’t do much without the actual equipment.”

Air handlers, pumps, and other HVAC equipment installed by P1 Service at Excelsior Springs High School

When the delays continued, the project wasn’t remobilized until early 2023. The P1 team was given a five-week period to work in the day time, and the high school shifted activity out of the gym to accommodate.

That time frame was down from the original 12-week installation plan.

As usual, the P1 team worked through the challenges and got the project delivered on time, also assisting with test & balance and controls.

Quick Facts:

5 Rooftop Units
installed over the summer for the Performing Arts Center
2 Air Handling Units
2 Water Source Heat Pumps
4 Pumps
installed during the school year

Project Team:

Andrew Noone, Project Manager
Doug Sinclair, Project Manager
Brian Heinen, Foreman
Derek Woods, Foreman
Michael Sandidge, Foreman
Wes Young, Foreman

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