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Quick Work: P1 Service Teams Replace Critical Air Handler at St. Luke’s North Hospital


An air handler unit is crucial to a hospital's sterile processing department, as it regulates and monitors temperature and humidity levels. If an air handler unit malfunctions, it can lead to excessive humidity and temperature fluctuations that promote microbial growth, which can undermine sterilization practices.

When an air handler unit at St. Luke’s North Hospital needed to be replaced, the P1 Service team had to act fast.

 “The team gets three days (72 hours) to entirely disassemble the old air handler and get the new one up and running properly,” P1 Account Manager Connor Hayes said.

“The old unit must be broken down and hauled off the rooftop via crane.”

Air Handler at St Lukes“The new unit is also broken down into pieces ahead of time, and those pieces are brought up by crane and set on the roof to be carried into the mechanical room, where they are assembled in place,” Connor said.

Connor says it takes two rotating teams, each working 12-hour shifts, to cover the 72-hour shutdown.

“With air handlers being a critical component of central sterilization, no surgeries could be performed while the unit was down, so it was vital to get the new unit assembled, installed, and back up and running as quickly as possible,” Connor explained.

Despite the challenges, teamwork was on full display as the P1 teams worked tirelessly to complete the job within the shutdown time frame.

Connor praised the team's effort.

"All in all, the job went very smoothly; the guys worked hard, around the clock, to remove the old unit and get the new one up and running."

It was another job well executed thanks to the expertise and diligence of the P1 Service team!

The St. Luke's North team:

Connor Hayes, Account Manager

Brian Heinen, Foreman

Kenny Sands, Foreman

Kent McDonald, Foreman




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