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C.A.R.E. MEANS GOING BEYOND CUSTOMER SERVICE - Associate Spotlight on Kelly Masters

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Customer relationships will always be top priority for P1 Service.

Kelly Masters was interviewing for a position with P1 when she was asked if she would be interested in the newly created position of C.A.R.E. Coordinator. With a degree in Nursing and three children, Kelly has plenty of experience in caring, and since customers have always been her favorite part of her work, she thought it would be a great opportunity.

 C.A.R.E. stands for Customer Assurance Review Evaluation and the position was created to provide support to all the P1 Service teams. 

Executive Vice President Phil Nehring who was instrumental in creating the position explained, “P1 implemented a Customer Care Coordinator to do one thing; engage with our clients.  In order to improve our service we must know how we are doing so that we fulfill our mission, which is to create a customer for life, and we believe there is a value in having a person meet with our clients and ask a few questions.”

Kelly’s primary function is to reach out to current customers to obtain feedback on P1’s performance, educate them on all P1 services, and promote long-term long term customer relationships.

She tries to see two customers per day and before each meeting she prepares by doing research on the contracts, issues discovered during Preventative Maintenance and equipment repairs. She also meets with the service manager to get background information on the account. Kelly travels to the customer site, conducting a questionnaire with an open conversation about how P1 is doing.

Kelly says going out to talk to the customers is her favorite part of the job. The majority of the time the customers are extremely happy with P1’s have wonderful things to say about the service technicians and service managers.

“It’s a great experience for me to hear how awesome we’re doing and then be able to come back to the office and share that information with everyone,” said Kelly.

 She finds it a bit challenging when there is a customer who hasn’t had such a good experience or something went wrong. When this happens, everyone has to work together to figure out how to fix the situation and get things on the right track.

“Kelly is doing a great job and makes the client feel comfortable so they are candid with their responses.  In her short time here, she discovered there was a misunderstanding with a few clients, she brought back information that enabled us to meet with client and clear up any confusion,” added Phil.

During the visits, Kelly has the opportunity to not only educate the customer on our single source capabilities, but also give the customer a greater understanding of what their own contract entails.  They don’t always grasp why they are paying for additional repair work when they have a Maintenance Agreement. Kelly provides documents to help explain it. She also provides a pie chart that shows a review of services performed during the year.

Her goals for the position include assisting the service department in the best way that she can by providing feedback to help the department continually improve.Kelly M Hero3

“I want the customers to know how much we value their business but more importantly I want them to be able to feel how much P1 cares about them and our relationship with them,” Kelly explained.

For Kelly, C.A.R.E. is not just maintaining relationships, but looking for new opportunities for that customer and P1 Service, ultimately creating another customer for life.

Kelly was born and raised in Lenexa, but her husband’s job has kept them on the move.  They moved eight times in 13 years and have lived in Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, and of course, Kansas.  She has three children and each of them was born in a different state. 

Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, watching her kids participate in their various sports and activities, boating, snow skiing. She also has a love/hate relationship with running, which she still manages to do everyday!

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