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Critical Training Keeps P1 Technicians at the Top of Their Ammonia Safety Game

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Working with industrial ammonia refrigeration is probably one of the most dangerous jobs. Safety and training are top priorities at P1 Service, particularly in this highly regulated segment of our industry.

Keeping with our commitment to ensure associates in the field are highly trained and prepared for the work ahead, P1 Service recently partnered with Wagner-Meinert LLC to develop a comprehensive set of maintenance procedures for our ammonia technicians and relevant personnel.

Michael Schram, Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration Service Manager, said the process was iterative, developing and revising the procedures together over the course of several months.

p1 group michael schramm

“This was a several-month process with multiple revisions back and forth between our groups collectively,” Michael said. “The primary intent of the procedures is to protect our employees and those working with them on the ammonia systems being serviced.”

“In addition, the procedures help us meet the compliance requirements set forth from the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR), and governed by OSHA and EPA,” he explained. "P1 strives to be the safest and most all-inclusive ammonia provider in the region, and this training propels us toward that goal."

Ammonia technicians from P1 Service's Lenexa and Wichita offices participated in the three-day training.

p1 group ammonia safety training

Each attendee was awarded as certificate along with continuing education credits for their efforts. Managers, coordinators, and support staff audited the training as well.

Michael will speaking more on this training at the upcoming Ammonia Safety Day in June. P1 Service is a regular participant in the annual event, hosted by Kansas City Community College and the Garden City Ammonia Program, in conjunction with the EPA.

P1 Service associates who completed the training included:

  • Brad Fredrickson
  • Cody Dunkel
  • Troy Stewart
  • Arthur Groves
  • Beth Martens
  • Michael Schram
  • Tony Whited
  • Jennifer Morris
  • David Pate
  • Jamar Jackson
  • Mitch Sturke

IIAR Conference Builds Network and Brand for P1 Service

P1 Service Vice President Tony Whited and Michael Schram recently attended the 2019 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference.

The event was attended by more than 2,000 people from North America and Europe, representing all facets of the industry including design engineers, contractors, end users, academics, scientists, trainers, and government agencies.

According to Tony, P1 Service took the following benefits away from the event:

  • Building new partnerships and engaging potential clients
  • Learning and discussing groundbreaking industry trends at the world’s largest meeting dedicated to the natural refrigeration industry
  • Promoting our latest products and services in front of natural refrigeration experts and key decision makers
  • Growing our brand and enhancing the impact of P1 Service in our industry

“All of this means our customers can rest assured working with P1 Service,” Tony said. “If, and when, they are audited for compliance, P1 has proactively worked to ensure their best interest.”   

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