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P1 Service Offers Value-added Ship and Repair Circuit Breaker Service

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When that circuit breaker goes out and the cost of all-new gear replacement is not an option, P1 Service has a convenient circuit breaker rebuild service that could save customers thousands of dollars.

Electrical Preventative Maintenance (EPM) Manager Jeff Gardner says circuit breaker shipping and rebuilding is a service not commonly offered by many companies. P1 Service is able to offer it after hiring Electrical Service Technician Nate Boettcher, who is particularly skilled at this type of rebuild.

“This service is predominantly applicable where businesses are faced with a circuit breaker that has failed in obsolete gear, and a new breaker will require new gear,” Jeff explained.

“Rather than taking on the immense expense of total gear replacement, the customer can send the breaker to P1 Service to be rebuilt to manufacturer specifications.”

The process is simple. Customers send the breaker to P1’s Lenexa headquarters, where an initial inspection and assessment takes place. A repair/rebuild proposal is generated, and once the work is approved by the customer, the breaker is rebuilt and shipped back to the sender.

While the service is in its infancy, P1 Service has already conducted one rebuild for Central Plains Cement in Sugar Creek, MO, and is looking to expand the service immediately to customers across the U.S.

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“The primary market is going to be any organization with aging infrastructure and obsolete breaker types,” Jeff said.

“When one of their breakers fails, the choice will be to either replace the switchgear and breakers, which is very costly, or have the obsolete breaker rebuilt to be redeployed into service.”

Jeff says this will predominantly apply to circuit breakers 400A and larger.

“Some of these new circuit breakers can exceed $100K, with most ranging from $20K-50K,” Jeff noted. “The cost of rebuilding a breaker will be a fraction of the overall cost of gear replacement and new breakers.”

If you have a customer who could benefit from this service, contact Jeff Gardner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 913-529-5000.

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