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Fast Pace, Moving Parts, One Person: P1 Associate Spotlight on Jen Morris


“Every day pretty much has me running around like a crazy person. Whatever I think I have planned for the day is rarely what I accomplish.”

This is not unusual for many support staff in the AEC industry, and Operations Supervisor Jen Morris is no exception.

The operations supervisor is a huge role that supports most of the divisions in the service department, including Plumbing, Electrical, Ammonia, Controls, Start-up, and Test and Balance. This role entails tracking contracts, PM management, accounts receivable, billing accuracy, billings forward, data collections and reporting, training, and any administrative duties that are needed.

Jen has been with P1 for two years now, but she began her career working as a bookkeeper for her family-owned Insurance agency and Stucco Company.  She ventured out to expand her resume working for several small businesses in the construction industry as their bookkeeper and gained experience in the operations process.

Her first job in the service world was for Neal Harris Heating & Cooling.  She began doing data entry for the accounting department but found herself gravitating towards operations, and decided to try her hand at dispatching.  When Service Experts acquired Neal Harris, Jen found herself managing accounting and dispatch on a more regional level. 

With a young son at home, the travel required wasn’t ideal, so she decided to go back to the family trade, selling commercial insurance.

“Two years into selling insurance, I knew I had made a mistake,” Jen said. “My desire to go back into the construction industry in an operational position led me to P1.”

A few months after applying for a P1 position she didn’t feel was the best fit, Jen got a phone call from Executive Vice President Phil Nehring.

P1’s long-time operations coordinator was retiring, and Phil thought Jen would be a good fit.

“I had big shoes to fill, and am still very thankful Phil both remembered and considered me for such a great opportunity,” said Jen.  

With the job entailing support for so many divisions, it can be very fast-paced and challenging.  But the pace is one of the things Jen loves about the job. 

“Every day is different and it can feel like a race,” Jen said. 

Believe it or not, I actually welcome the interruptions, and I adore assisting others with obstacles that pop up. Especially when the outcome means I make life a little easier or smoother for someone that day."

It didn’t take long for Jen to be promoted from Operations Coordinator to Operations Supervisor, working closely with Electrical, Controls, and Plumbing Service as well.

“I love the team of people I get to work with.  I’m excited to build relationships, expand my knowledge, and contribute to the success of each division,” Jen said.

“When Jen came in and took on the role of Operations Coordinator, little did she know that she also inherited the job of keeping me on track,” Phil said.

“She has stepped in to assist me and also sales and operations on many levels. Jen has demonstrated a true talent for mastering the calendar of activities, anticipating needs, and prioritizing personnel,” Phil observed.

P1 is fortunate to have Jen and we wish her a long and bright future.


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