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Keep Calm and Race On: Associate Profile on Jeremy Heim

p1 group associate profile

By P1 associate average tenure, Warehouse Driver Jeremy Heim is a short timer - he's only been here about 1.5 years. But Jeremy has already found a good fit with P1 Service’s Wichita team and enjoys the work. His responsibilities include taking care of everything coming and going from the warehouse, including managing all aspects of tool requests/check-outs/repairs for construction or service.

“Everybody at the Wichita office is really nice. We’re a smaller branch so we all have to fill more roles,” Jeremy said. “I do a little bit for everybody – we all jump in and I’m happy to do whatever is asked.”

Jeremy’s people skills and helpfulness got him nominated by General Manager Andy Dunbar and Service Operations Coordinator Wendy Chapin for this month’s Associate Spotlight.

Through a former connection to Wichita Operations Supervisor Greg Geer, Jeremy learned of the warehouse coordinator position and Greg asked him to apply.

The rest is history.

But even during his brief time at P1, it hasn’t escaped Jeremy’s notice that P1 Service has a great group of associates company-wide.

“Everyone is polite and great to work with,” Jeremy said. “The people here seem very willing to work together, even if it’s solving a problem. For a big company that’s spread out, it’s still easy to work together.”

But there’s more to Jeremy than meets the eye. When he’s not with colleagues at work, Jeremy can often be found dirt-track racing in a mod-light (or modified light), a 5/8 scale race car powered by a 1,000cc stock 16-valve motorcycle engine.

“We buy engines out of wrecked bikes, like a Ninja, and put them into our cars,” he explained.

Jeremy used to race motocross/supercross, but decided to get rid of his four-wheeler. “As I got older I was starting to feel like I needed something with a whole cage around it for safety!”

Through an acquaintance, Jeremy had opportunity to drive a mod-light and liked it so much he ended up buying his own car.

He’s now been racing for four years, has a couple cars and six sponsors (four silent and two advertising).

His biggest sponsor is Auto House Towing & Recovery from his hometown of Canton, KS.

Jeremy’s wife Micki and two children, Carley, 16, and Heath, 7, come to watch him race now and then.

“They enjoy the races a little, but not as much as I do,” Jeremy said.

And Jeremy has done pretty well this year:

While the driving is fun, Jeremy says he’s found a great deal of value in the relationships he’s formed.

“I started out just knowing a few people in racing and now I know so many,” Jeremy said. “I have developed a great friendship with Dustin Forsberg, an individual who has helped a lot by teaching me more about the car, what it needs to do and how to set it up to do what I want.

“He’s been awesome about taking me under his wing so I can get better at this kind of racing,” he said.

“Even though we race against each other, there’s a great camaraderie that surpasses the competition aspect,” Jeremy said.

We’re glad to have Jeremy on our Wichita P1 Service team and wish him all the best with future racing.

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