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Performance Excellence with The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

p1 group kauffman center for the performing arts

Pictured, clockwise from top left: Brandmeyer Great Hall Event/Lobby Space; Muriel Kauffman Theatre; Helzberg Hall; Casavant organ

Creating “customers for life” is P1 Service’s ultimate goal, and that means building trust and strong relationships during the time we spend with our customers.

The relationship developed between P1 Service and the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts is an exemplary example of this philosophy, going beyond just the work at hand to develop a mutually respected and beneficial partnership.

You may know that P1 Service provides an FMO (Facility Management and Operations) team full-time at the Kauffman Center, but over the years, our work has extended beyond our FMO agreement.

According to P1 Vice President Dave Beebe, P1 Service’s relationship started with the Kauffman Center in 2011, while the center was still under construction. P1 Service worked on the Facility Operation RFP with Kauffman Center leadership.

In addition to our FMO contract, P1 Service has provided specialty preventative maintenance, along with mechanical, HVAC, and electrical service. In fact, the relationship with the Kauffman Center helped connect P1 with the city, and our FMO team now provides facility management of the Arts District Garage.

Few people probably even consider how critical mechanical systems and related service can be in a facility like the Kauffman. Not only must the experience be excellent for patrons, performers have very specific requirements for humidity and air temp levels, making the work an “above and beyond” challenge each day for our FMO team.

Chief Engineer Aaron Robison elaborated on some of the projects P1 Service has implemented at the Kauffman Center, including many requiring the high-level expertise P1 Service can offer.

  • Installed two additional chillers as part of a $500,000 energy-saving project
  • Boiler control/load shedding energy-saving project
  • Installed airflow stations on all air handlers
  • Installed five service platforms for safe access to equipment
  • Electrical modifications to the Casavant organ
  • Electrical infrastructure for outside events on the South Plaza area

 p1 group chiller energy savings

One of two new, more efficient chillers, installed by P1 Service

“We also incorporate training for the staff such as having P1 techs working side-by-side with the engineers, management, backflow testing, and safety training that ensures we can successfully approach operating a complex, state-of-the-art facility,” Aaron said.

“Our staff has done an amazing job of reducing energy consumption and maintaining comfort,” Aaron added. “With the help of P1’s Commissioning team, we have enabled modifications from the original control sequence, adding new equipment and controls. The ongoing effort to improve energy usage has benefitted the Kauffman Center and instilled a level of occupational pride in our staff.”

“The relationship with the Kauffman Center connects P1 Service with a highly visible and important Kansas City institution that is not only a client, but a trusted friend,” Dave noted.

From the mechanical room to the stage, both organizations have come together to deliver their brand of performance excellence, and we look forward to what the future brings.

The P1 Service FMO Team at the Kauffman Center 

Aaron Robison, Chief Engineer

Matt Brackney, Maintenance Engineer

Matt Stranathan, Maintenance Engineer

Rusty Presley, Maintenance Engineer

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