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News Articles by P1 Service, LLC

P1 Service, LLC is a single-source specialty service subcontractor providing comprehensive facility solutions while always striving to enhance the customer experience. We are a trusted partner throughout the Midwest for single-source facility maintenance solutions, including HVAC, electrical, and plumbing facility maintenance and service.

P1 Invests in Customer Feedback to Increase Satisfaction an Retention


“A garden doesn’t grow without constant tending.” General Manager of Service Todd Andrews says P1 applies this same philosophy to customer relations. “You can sell and sell, but if you don’t retain anything, then you’re not growing,” Todd said. “We need to retain our customers or else we’re putting in effort...

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P1 Electrical Service Offers On-site Circuit Breaker Repair Shop


Pictured, above: Breaker Technician Zach Wilburn works on carefully disassembled parts from multiple circuit breakers. According to Electrical Testing & Maintenance (ETM) Manager Jeff Gardner, having the ability to repair circuit breakers on site at P1 has been a top priority. In September, 2020, P1 Connection brought you the story of...

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What's in a Name? Don Pardew Gives the Gift of Respect to Kansas City’s Street Communities


“I HAVE A NAME”. This simple yet profound philosophy is at the heart of Facility Maintenance Plumber Don Pardew’s ministry to local street and houseless communities in Kansas City. “When someone asks if they can give you a hug, or they light up because you remembered their name, and maybe something...

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Making the Rounds and Building Experience - Associate Profile on Adam Collier


Adam Collier has been with P1 Group for 15 years. During this time, he has “made the rounds”, working in several different P1 locations, which has allowed him to gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience.  He is currently a service manager in the Lenexa Office, specializing in start-up and...

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Mighty Trio: P1 Service Ammonia Team Takes Care of Business...and Customers


While field technicians, electricians, and plumbers are feeling the heat of additional summer service calls, the P1 Ammonia Division is also in the thick of the current rush. This small but mighty division consists of just three technicians: Jamar Jackson, Troy Stewart and Mitch Sturke, and they do a great job...

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Summer on Fire: Extreme Temps Mean More Calls


P1 Service Teams Put in Round-the-Clock Efforts to Help Customers We talk about P1’s 24/7/365 Service all the time, and extreme weather puts that promise to the test. For those of us who don’t work in the field, it’s easy to forget that during times of extreme weather, our field personnel...

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P1 Service Performance Engineering Creates Energy-Efficient Solution for Liberty Hospital


When it comes to large hospitals, the mechanical systems behind the scenes have to work extremely well, and that requires excellent engineering. The P1 Service Performance Solutions Engineering group and Henderson Engineers completed the cooling plant expansion at Liberty Hospital in Liberty, MO, this May, but the project has been several...

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Fast Pace, Moving Parts, One Person: P1 Associate Spotlight on Jen Morris


“Every day pretty much has me running around like a crazy person. Whatever I think I have planned for the day is rarely what I accomplish.” This is not unusual for many support staff in the AEC industry, and Operations Supervisor Jen Morris is no exception. The operations supervisor is a...

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The Right Tech, to the Right Job, at the Right Time: Profile on P1 Service Coordinators


Over the years, the P1 Service service department has developed a reputation for providing quality service and excellent customer care. It is the service technician, out on the job site every day, who has become the face of P1 Service, but it is the diligent work of the Service Coordinator behind...

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Building on a Legacy: Associate Profile on Jamie Penry


Pictured above - Jamie with his dad, Jim Sr. Not all generations decide to continue with “the family business”, but having a grandfather and father with a combined 68 years in the Local 441 Union inspired Topeka Service Technician Jamie Penry to follow in those footsteps. Jamie’s dad, Jim Penry Sr.,...

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Creating Healthier Buildings: United Association Offices UV-C Systems Installation


It started as a conversation between P1 Group CEO Smitty Belcher and Patrick Kellett, General Secretary-Treasurer for the United Association, and materialized into P1 Group providing a healthy buildings strategy for the HVAC units located at the UA Headquarters in Annapolis, MD. The UA Headquarters building is 110,000 sq. feet, containing...

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P1 Group Associate Profile on St. Joseph Service Technician Aaron White


“The Expertise of Many, The Power of One” is the philosophy behind P1 Group, and St. Joseph Pipefitter Journeyman Aaron White is one associate who has truly embraced this concept during his employment. Aaron started his career as an electrician and was hired at P1 shortly after the opening of the...

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PROJECT HEALTHY BUILDINGS: Bi-Polar Ionization Adds Another Level to Cleaning Indoor Air


There’s nothing better than that extra-fresh smell in the air near waterfalls, beaches, and immediately following a thunderstorm. But what you’re actually experiencing are the effects of an ion-rich environment naturally having cleaned the air, giving it that inexplicable “fresh” smell. As part of the Healthy Buildings initiative, P1 Service continues...

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P1 Service's Quick Response Helps Customer in Wake of Disaster


On an October morning in 2019, P1 Service received an urgent call from the owners of the I-44 Cold Storage in Springfield Mo. I-44 cold storage is a storage facility for restaurant supply and custom cold storage that houses a 10,000 sq. foot freezer, 10,000 sq. foot cooler space, and 30,000...

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PROJECT PROFILE: Single-Source Capabilities Solve Operating Room Needs for Leavenworth VA


First Medical Gas Trailer Built by P1 Just because we haven’t done it before doesn’t mean we can’t.  When the Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Center in Leavenworth, KS needed a medical gas trailer to equip their mobile operating room (OR), P1 stepped up to the challenge. The VA Medical Center...

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Kansas Association of School Boards Facilities Improvement Project


KASB Project Exemplifies P1 Group’s Facility Solutions Capabilities P1 Group has been a prestigious partner with the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) for the past four years, providing facility master planning and solutions to Kansas K-12 school districts. When the Association was ready to renovate their own Topeka, KS, facility,...

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